Outline Storming GPT Ver1.3.0

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  • 投稿日 3月 22, 2023
  • 最終更新日時 3月 23, 2023

Outline Storming GPT Ver1.3.0






Data Setの行選択、編集を簡略化しました。

Layout has been reviewed. (We have confirmed that it works at 100% and 200% DPI.)
History containing data sets can now be exported.
By importing the exported History, you can resume the conversation with GPT. (In the current version, DataSet and History in the GUI do not reflect past data.)
Fixed a bug that fixed UTF-8 when writing. (SJIS has been removed (because it was not implemented).
Row selection and editing of Data Sets has been simplified.



Auth key(API key)を事前にOpen AIさんのサイトで発行してください。無料でも発行できるよ。






This tool is designed for defining appropriate data, refining it with ChatGPT, and checking for any inconsistencies.

Please obtain an Auth key (API key) in advance from OpenAI's website. You can also get one for free.

No record of your conversation with GPT will be retained. If you wish to keep it, please copy and paste the text to save it.

If there is demand, we may expand the functionality.

The supported formats are Tab, Comma, or SOH delimited CSV. SOH is also the format used in TRALE's data management.

Be aware that the tool might struggle if you pass an excessively large dataset: ...